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Please check the following before downloading.

√ This is a demo, the main game is scheduled to be released on Steam, Summer 2019.
√ This is a puzzle adventure game built on the RPG Maker VX Ace engine and does not require any separate RTP files.
√ This game is only downloadable on the Mamusphere page of itch.io and any form of reproduction or redistribution is not allowed.
√ The music and the graphic resources are the precious works of Team Mamusae. Using them besides the purpose of playing Mamusphere is not allowed.
√ Mamusphere demo version is a free game. You can download it freely after clicking "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" on the purchase screen. (You can donate only when you want to.)
√ Please send us any questions via the link below

Twitter: @ mamusae1
Blog:  https://teammamusae.tumblr.com/
E-mail:  teammamusae@gmail.com


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Mamusphere [Demo].zip 113 MB


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This is a really good and cute game, I'm loving it so far

Does the demo end when you "battle"/encounter the Snowpup that wants a carrot? Because I have no idea how to give him the carrot that appears after I examine him...

Thank you for enjoying our game!

The trials are less battles and more puzzles where you try to fufill the objective of that trial.

For the trial you’re having problems with, you can use examine on different objects to interact with them, such as the carrot that appears. You can select your target by using the arrow keys after selecting the ‘Examine’ menu. You can also use the items that you obtain by selecting the ‘Items’ menu.

Hope this helps!

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Ooooh, I don't know how I didn't notice that! Thank you, haha :)

Any tips on how to overcome the trial in which you have to feed flames to the stars? I'm dying over and over again... I listen to the stars but it seems like the answers to what they want change everytime. For example one time the stars said "I don't want too much or too little" and I gave it the medium flame and it worked. I died though so I had to try again. When it said "I don't want too much or too little" again, I offered the medium flame again and it didn't work anymore.

The amount of light that the star fragment wants changes every time it is given a blue flame or every time it attacks.  The Kkaebi Wisp tells you every time the amount changes but this might pass by too fast, so making use of the ‘Action Log’ is a good idea.

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Oh, no, I do understand that the amount that they want changes. I see the Kkaebi Wisp telling me about it, too. What I'm saying is that I think there might be a glitch in the game because for example, one time during a "battle", the stars said "I don't want too much or too little" and because of that, I gave them a medium flame. It was the right answer. I unfortunately died in that battle but in another battle, the stars said "I don't want too much or too little" again and I knew the right answer was going to be the medium flame. But when I gave them the medium flame, that wasn't what they wanted anymore when saying "I don't want too much or too little".

Hmmm... We’ll have to look into that. Thanks for letting us know!